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Bachelor's Degree from ASU

Mr. John Doll

Welcome to my Hibriten Webpage. As a proud Panther alum, I am looking forward to all that this upcoming year has to offer. While it will be different than other school years, one thing will always remain the same - whether it's your first year or your fiftieth, you are now and forever a member of the Hibriten Panther family.  The English Department here has been building, developing, strengthening, and supporting the written and spoken language skills of teenage scholars for more than fifty years, and it is as much a vocation as it is a career. You see, I love the English language - grammar, poetry, drama, and all the great prose literature that adds depth to our existence. My grandmother was an English teacher, my mother was a librarian, and I am entering my 17th year (13th at Hibriten) teaching something I truly enjoy. Please be in touch with any concerns, suggestions, or feedback, and I promise to do all I can to help students grow in their appreciation of English Language Arts. 

  • Spring Schedule 2022

    1st Period -  English I

    2nd Period - Planning

    3rd Period - English 4 Honors

    4th Period - English 1 

  • English IV Honors

    In English IV we will explore literary works from the British Isles.  Centuries ago, the ancient Celts, Romans, Normans, and Saxons each conquered and brought pieces of their culture to the Isles which changed the language of that time.  Those influences still shape our English language today.  We will begin with myths and legends, progressing through the Middle Ages to the Rennaisance; then we will move through the Cavaliers, Romantics, and the modern age.  Poetry and drama written by William Shakespeare will also be on the menu.  Research, written and oral presentation, as well as texual analysis will be explored and practiced. 

  • English I 

    English I is the second English course students take in high school in Caldwell County. In English I students focus on literary forms and the terminology and skills to understand, analyze, and interpret written and spoken language. Students will work to improve vocabulary and reading fluency, and hopefully, they will have a little fun in doing so. 

  • English III Honors

    English III is the journey into the literature of the Americas. From native legends to the modern era, this class will focus on the triumphs and struggles that are uniquely American. An emphasis will be placed on vocabulary and writing development as well as textual analysis and thematic discussion. 

  • Communication Skills

     As the first exposure to high school English, Communication Skills introduces students to the basics of grammar, literary terminology, genres of literature, vocabulary, and oral presentation. While these may seem like daunting topics, students will begin with a comprehensive study of grammar and composition as a precursor to other skills development.