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Mrs. Kelly Bryant

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    Hello! Welcome to our website and our classroom. My name is Kelly Bryant. I teach Honors Business & Personal Law, Honors Business Management I and II, Honors Microsoft Academy A - Word & Powerpoint. I am also excited to teach Honors Entrepreneurship I and II at Hibriten. I am a graduate of Hibriten High School, Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute, and Lenoir-Rhyne University with a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Business Education. I presently serve as a co-advisor to the Future Business Leaders of America Club and Co-Chair of Senior Class Advisory. I am married to Jonathan Bryant, who teaches in the social studies department at Hibriten. We have a daughter, Hannah, and a son, Walker. I am entering my twenty-eighth year of teaching at Hibriten. I love the teaching profession, Hibriten High School, and Caldwell County Schools. Parents and students are always encouraged to visit our website. I look forward to the 2022-23 school year. My philosophy of education is simple. I believe that all students can and should learn. An effective teacher should be a facilitator of learning. I firmly believe in a hands-on, interactive approach to teaching and learning. I try to incorporate this approach as much as possible in our classroom lesson plans. Thanks for your interest in our webpage and classroom. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Class Schedule
  • Ground Rules for Class

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    1. Be on time by being in your seat before the tardy bell rings. The tardy policy from the student handbook will be followed. 2. Bring all necessary materials to class (text book, pen/pencil, binders). 3. Show respect for yourself, classmates, and teacher. 4. Refrain from talking while the teacher is talking. Please raise your hand to be recognized. 5. Use extreme care in handling computer equipment. 6. Make up any work missed within 3 days of absence. 7. Refrain from being disruptive in class. 8. Refrain from bringing food, drink (only exception is water), and gum to class. 9. Use the restroom before class. Please do not ask to be excused. 10. Be involved. Ask questions. 11. LEARN AND HAVE FUN IN THE PROCESS!!!!!!
  • Internet Use Agreement

    The following agreement is in conjunction with the Caldwell County Schools Internet Use Policy found in the student handbook. Teachers are asked to enforce rules regarding internet use in the classroom. School computers are not personal computers. They are for educational use. 1. No access to the internet during class time unless an assignment specifically calls for it or the instructor gives permission for access. 2. Certain materials available on the internet are inappropriate for student use. Students who access such material will lose the right to have internet access. 3. No files or documents shall be downloaded on computers or servers unless the teacher instructs students to download material. 4. Students may not use classroom computers to join mailing lists, provide financial information such as in purchasing merchandise, access instant messenger or chat rooms, access myspace, facebook, or any related websites. Students may not download videos, music, lyrics to music, or use proxies to bypass appropriate connections. 5. Students may not send messages during class time unless instructed by the teacher. Student may not send obscene or threatening messages to anyone at anytime. 6. Students may not access the internet in the absence of the teacher at anytime. 7. Students may not access files belonging to other students unless instructed by the teacher. Consequences: First Offense--Student disciplined by the teacher. Second Offense--Student denied access to the internet. Third Offense--Student will be disciplined by the appropriate grade-level administrator.