• Creativity is Contagious


  •  Goals of Visual Arts Education 

    In this class you will…

      - Use the language of visual art to communicate effectively

      - Apply creative & critical thinking skills to artistic expression

      - Create art using a variety of tools, materials, media, and processes safely & appropriately

      - Understand the global, historical, societal, and cultural contexts of the visual arts

      - Understand the interdisciplinary connections & life applications of the visual arts

      - Use critical analysis to generate responses to a variety of prompts

  •  Required Materials

    Sketchbook - provided for each student my Mrs. Cardwell


    Good Attitude


    Teacher's Wish List

    Students may bring in any of the following items that will help keep the art room organized, clean, and fully functional:

    - plastic grocery bags

    - pencils

    - glue sticks

    - black ball point pens

    - erasers

    - kleenex

    - liquid dish soap  

    - empty yogurt or baby food containers

    - clorox wipes

    - baby wipes

    - magazines

    - newspapers

    - wire coat hangers

    - hand tools (pliers, hammers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, etc)


    **If there is a remote possibility we can do something with it, then send it... we are VERY creative. If we can't use it, we'll either find someone who can or we will toss it lovingly.