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  • Student Transfer Enrollment

     Enrollment Window Open: January 15 - February 28

    Depending on space availability, students may apply to transfer from their home school district to the school of their choice.

    Students currently on an approved transfer or who would like to transfer are required to complete the online application each year.

    All schools except Davenport A+ School, Granite Falls Elementary (Grades 1-5 closed, Kindergarten is open) and Lower Creek Elementary are open for student transfers. Go here for details regarding policies regulating student transfers.

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      Mission Statement & Vision

      • Mission Statement
        Our team strives to improve lives, provides choices, and implement changes in the lives of all students, equipping them with the tools and skills needed to graduate and succeed in life.

        Vision Statement

        Gateway will empower students to make positive decisions that promote high school graduation and post secondary success.