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    6th Grade:          
    Swanson 9-11 daily, but respond any time of the day. SS Class 1- 4uqphpc, Class 2- xd4x6xr Class 3- pnbqke6, Science- bmgowmm  828-729-1621  
    Anderson Worked at school all week ELA 1 h37wqdn ELA 2 vou5ygv ELA 3 5bqaecy SCI adh76np 828-292-0768 (6-8 pm)   
    Braswell 8:00 am - 4:00 pm school hours 6:00 -7:30 pm evening hour. Prefer via Remind. 6-1 Math: js672lr 6-2 Math: d227r7q 6-3 Math: jp3zsg7 Science: ritkejw    615-431-9964
    Smith Working at home all week. Hours available: 9am - 9pm by phone (text or call) 1st Math: bdy4atq
    2nd Math: l2jzls5
    3rd Math: 2sqomfb
    4th Math: apmcqom  828-455-4789  
    Holland 9-4 1st:hcbckga 2nd:ct7rajc 3rd:4klbcpq 4th:5brdypl    828-528-1360
    Wilson 8-4 6-8 cs5e7qv, hj76ftd, kqmwygv rh45jbk  620-714-0416  828-528-1396

    7th Grade

    Greene I constantly check my email so whenever parents/students need me, email me and I will contact them back however they need me to Yvchzp5  828-493-2021  
    Dula I constantly check my email so whenever parents/students need me, email me and I will contact them back however they need me to I also have used Zoom and Google meet to try and help the kiddos. Google meet with me, Hill, Greene, & Agnew everyday 10-12 You have been invited to my google classrooms    828-394-9720
    Hill 8:00 until 3:30 at school by phone or email. I check emails until 8:00 at night at home. 1st-3sddp7d
    4th-slxbpqx    828-394-9857
    Agnew 9-11 1st-r4ypsvn
    4th-be2rsiq   828-394-9607
    Surratt 9-4, I constantly check email and google classroom. Zoom meetings Wednesdays at 10am 1st- ahllrdi 2nd- wev4bqm 3rd- 6fwcb4b 4th- hq7wcri   828-559-1294 
    Minton 8-4 email or text 9-1 zoom class or individual meetings 1st--2q2exrg 2nd--zcy7eby 3rd--5xcsz5m 4th--ud2jaex    
    Biddix 9-5 on zoom for those students that need it using this meeting ID#588-784-909 1st-mmtdkeg 2nd-snwojfp 3rd-gixnnlc 4th-7bmo6yy    828-544-1041
    Hicks 9-11 1st- iolnzoe
    2nd- 3nxrmgt
    3rd- vnauohk
    4th- kqrfzu3   828-372-2149 
    8th Grade          
    Byerly I constantly check my email. They also may contact me on my phone. I am available anytime from 9 am - 9pm. p7itu4m  828-292-1040  
    Maltba Mon & Wed: 11a-12p Any evening: 4p-6p 1:5vhj32a 2:ond24an 3:ppze523 4:2xt5xa4  828-572-4350  
    Marley 8-4 M-F F2F MW 9-10 1st=hcwge7l ,2nd=midg7th, 3rd=3nycjyc, 4th=b5ieagi  828-729-1866  
    Houk 8-4 M-F; email is most efficient way to contact me    828-559-1290
    Curry 8-4 M-F F2F M&W 1p-2p; check emails constantly, Remind app (text the number 81010-text this message @currygums1), Google voice number aum7pze (all students in one classroom)   210-728-6459 
    Watson 8-4 M-F F2F M&W 10a-11a; check emails constantly, Google voice number, google classroom messages 1st=hl3xaqm
    , 3rd=pi76ff7, 4th=lmvelvn    828-394-9212
    Ross 9-12 M-F, F2F 10-11 T/Th 1st: bxvgxp3, 2nd: dhgvamp, 3rd: h4hsu7w, 4th: klwxu2q    828-394-4550
    Cooke 9-12 M-F, F2F 1-2 T/TH 1st - tfegtic, 2nd 2oppvyf, 3rd fijpnln, 4th dkapqmk    828-475-2525
    Church always available by email srlt2vi    
    Roman always available by email    
    Robison always available by email, band fb messenger, and I usually take all calls no matter what time of day Codes are: mehlvee, my5s7va, vcnfn5q, thmzpv5, cj4sh6u, ptpvkdh 704-773-5300   
    Bum Always available by email    
    Samudio 11 am - 2 pm M-F but respond email at any time Social Study Classes with Mrs. Holland  336-927-2391  
    Hilton 2pm-3pm Posting to Ross's    828-394-9539
    Maltba 9 am-12 pm by email Can also be available in evening as needed eddn3zv  828-493-3564  828-475-2459
    Helton 8 AM - 5 PM Always available by email. apeiudb (6th Grade)
    nllrc77 (7th Grade)
    njeii7c (8th Grade)
    oe6y7yi (Unseated)    
    McQuaid 9-4 and always by email Share with Hill, Agnew, Dula, and Greene    828-391-9862
    Exceptional Children          
    Tamburi Mon-Fri 8 am to 4 pm. Can reach me vi email or phone number.  828-406-8722  
    Fellers Mon-Fri 8am to 5 pm, h2vemen  828-729-2698  828-394-9154
    Skerjanec Mon-Fri 8am to 6p, Lunch 12-1 SS-q4re5ft, Science-hr2pozn, ELA-xcql7bo, Math-j2qm2ih 828-291-4492   
    Beuschlein anytime during trhe day or early evening
    Fultz M-F 9-12; Tu/Th 4-5 828-449-7185   
    Farr Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm  828-313-1186  
    Hubbard Mon.-Fri. 8am-4pm vou5ygv 6th Grade Anderson
    kvm7ir6 6th Grade Braswell
    un74do7 6th Grade Seagle
    yvchzp5 7th Grade Greene
    2x3r76t 7th Grade Minton
    bfzhjxu 7th Grade Hicks
    midg7th 8th Grade Marley
    unf2lgy 8th Grade Byerly
    73nqnob 8th Grade Curry    828-394-1145
    Estela M-F 9-4:30     828-292-2899  
    Holt 8-4pm M-F  828-292-5614  
    Winkler 9-3 and checking email regularly    828-394-9689
    Proffit 8-4pm M-F    
    Instructional Assistants          
    Bowman  828.320.9509  
    Cardwell Send emails anytime  828-381-5675