• Collettsville   School


    Subscription schools were the first taught in the Collettsville community.  In 1867, the first such known school, a log building, was built on top of Puett Hill and the school term lasted a few months each year.
    In 1890 Free Schools were started and shortly after, two brothers with the last name of Webb approached the school board and asked for permission to be granted them to build a bigger school in the Collettsville area.  The board informed them that would not be possible unless they had a minimum of 25 school-aged children to attend.  The brothers informed the board that they had 24 school-aged children between the two of them.  The board granted permission and a one-room structure was built somewhere in the Collettsville area.  A small frame building was built, but enrollment soared, so a second story was added with a belfry on top.
    First built on the current site in 1927-28, it was an eleven room structure that was larger than previous and surrounding area schools.  The great flood of 1940 caused terrible damage to the school and lands and much of it never was returned to the former usefulness.  In 1945, the larger structure was built and the 1927 building was torn down.  The area where the 1927 building sat was paved to make a parking lot.  In 1963 another building was added that contained the gym, the shop and the cafeteria and the school remained a primary and high school.  Collettsville School was the sight of one of the first Environmental Classrooms. It was dedicated in the 1970's and the State Superintendent of the time was present.  Also in the 70's, Collettsville was one of seven schools in the state of NC that piloted kindergarten.  In the fall of 1995, the newest portion of the building was built.  The school offices and the Kindergarten through third grade classrooms are housed in that section, along with the media center.
    The "Collettsville School History Wall" is a growing archive of historical pictures and items that are kept in the lobby of Collettsville School.  It can be viewed anytime during regular school hours.