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  • General Information

    High school art courses support students in transitioning from more teacher-directed instruction, at lower levels, to a more independent approach to pursuing a selected area of artistic inquiry, at higher levels. Artistic exploration of concepts and skills is directed toward developing a personal voice and style, exploring ideas deeply by creating series of works, and preparing and assembling artwork for exhibition and portfolios. Students have the option of exploring a broad range of artmaking media in Studio Art & Photography courses. Portfolio preparation level students individually identify a conceptual theme for their work.


    Courses Offered

    Art 1 – Beginning Art 

    Digital Photography    *SCHS is the ONLY high school in CCS to offer this class!

    Art 2 – Intermediate Art      

    Art 3 – Proficient Art 

    Art 4 – Advanced Art

    AP Art & Design - 2D (including photography), 3D, or Drawing

    AP Art History   * Coming Soon *  


    Field Trips

    Advanced art classes will visit art museums throughout NC. Every few years the advanced art students have the opportunity to go on a big trip to be immersed in the arts. 


    Art Shows

    - Caldwell Arts Council’s Young at Art Show         

    - End of Semester Art & Photography Showcase

    - HJWC/GFWC-NC Annual Arts Festival         

    - Caldwell Arts Council’s Sculpture Festival

    - Ed Foundation Kaleidoscope Art Show         

    - CCS Ed Center Art Gallery

    - Various Art Contests throughout the year