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    Zoey Austin

    Kennadee Bucek

    Lainey Cable

    Reign Chandler

    Katelyn Church

    Melani Coffey

    Illeana Coffey

    Riley Dickenson

    Jayley Dickenson

    Kali Dula

    Chloe Eaker

    Lexi Foster

    Ella Frizsell

    Addison Gadoury

    Makenzie Greene

    Brayden Handy

    Lacie Hodges

    Akeeylah Hughes

    Cheyenne Keller

    Hartley Lamm

    Sophie Levey

    Kayle Macijewski

    Kerris McMinn

    Anderson Neel

    Emma Parsons

    Jia Patel

    Esme Potter

    Karlee Presnell

    Laila Ricker

    Eva Sams

    Mckinnley Scott

    Aubrey Shown

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    Parent Meeting- Monday, March 13th @ 4:15 in the GFMS cafeteria.



    Millie Hutchinson (mhutchinson@caldwellschools.com)

     Dawn Smith (dawsmith@caldwellschools.com)

    ***We will also be using Talking Points to communicate, GFMS Facebook & Website & we will set up a Google Classroom for the students.

    Practice Schedule:

    Practice will be after school on Monday through Thursday until 4:15 at GFMS.

    • Students will change out & meet in the cafeteria each day after school.

    •  Please note, a couple practices will be at South Caldwell High School. However, we will still meet in the cafeteria as usual and ride the bus over. Students will know ahead of time, and will need to be picked up on those few days at South Caldwell at 4:15.

    • If a student is absent from practice, please notify the coach. 

    • For safety, runners must wear lace-up tennis shoes at practice and meets.

    •  If tardiness becomes habitual, they will be dismissed from the team. 

    If an athlete is walking home from practice, a note must be given to the coach prior to the start of practice. 

    Track Meet Schedule:

    Meets are scheduled on Thursday this season beginning at 4pm. 

    Reminder—all athletes may not qualify to attend every meet but all will be able to attend the Home/South Caldwell meets. 

    • 3/16 at Alexander Central

    • 3/23  at Hibriten

    • 3/30 at South Caldwell

    • 4/20 at Alexander Central

    • 4/27 at Hibriten 

    • 5/4 at South Caldwell - Championship Meet 

    ****Please bring a snack and water. There will be refillable water stations and we will also have parents sign up on a snack calendar. 

    Middle School Events- students have the opportunity to qualify for up to 3 per Meet:

    100 Meter Dash, 200 Meter Dash, 400 Meter Dash, 800 Meter Run, Open Boys 800 Meter Run

    1600 Meter Run, 4x100 Meter Relay, 4x200 Meter Relay, 4x400 Meter Relay, High Jump , Long Jump, Discus, & Shot Put

    Track Passes

    Because the high schools are hosting the track meets, the conference has mandated that each child on the track team must pay $15. This will cover all ticket costs for the season. This will actually be cheaper for the families as there will be NO COST at the gate. Checks or Cash accepted-Please make checks payable to Granite Falls Booster Club. If assistance is needed, just let us know.

    Travel Information:

    All players will ride the bus to the meets, unless they are a Caldwell Connect student. Athletes must be signed out after all meets if they are not riding the bus back. Students will be picked up for our home meets at South Caldwell. 

    Team Discipline:

    Student-athletes are role models for the school. Their behavior in class is a reflection of the whole team. If a student is misbehaving during school,we will address the issue.  If it continues, running at meets might be limited. If a player is in ISS, she will not be allowed to participate in the next meet.  If an athlete has excessive absences, is in ISS more than once, she will be removed from the team.  If a runner receives OSS, she is off the team.


    The following are requirements for being a student-athlete:

    • A current and updated physical

    • Pass 3 of 4 core classes from the previous semester

    • No OSS or no more than one ISS

    We look forward to another successful year!!