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Student Transfer Info

  • Student Transfer Enrollment

     Enrollment Window Open: January 15 - February 28

    Depending on space availability, students may apply to transfer from their home school district to the school of their choice.

    Students currently on an approved transfer or who would like to transfer are required to complete the online application each year.

    All schools except Davenport A+ School, Granite Falls Elementary (Grades 1-5 closed, Kindergarten is open) and Lower Creek Elementary are open for student transfers. Go here for details regarding policies regulating student transfers.

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  • Seniors 2020 Wall Located at the foot of Hibriten Mountain, the school’s namesake, Hibriten High School is home of the Panthers for more than 850 students in grades 9-12 who proudly wear the red, black and white colors to show school spirit and pride. Students from feeder schools at Davenport A+, Lower Creek Elementary, Happy Valley School, Kings Creek School, Valmead Elementary and William Lenoir Middle School proudly call Hibriten High their home school.