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  • GMS 6th Grade Supply List: GMS 7th Grade Supply List: GMS 8th Grade Supply List
    Pencils/erasers/lead for mechanical pencils Both classes: Notebook Paper
    Loose leaf notebook paper -1 ½ in binder Lead Pencils .7 mm
    2 - Three subject (spiral) notebooks -1-2 packs of pencils Lead Refills .7 mm
    Composition Notebook (without spirals) -2 Zip up pencil pouches (One for school, one for home) Highlighters
    Two large 3 ring binders -1 two pocket folder Graph Paper Composition Notebook
    Dividers for each binder (at least 8) -Colored pencils/Crayons Crayons or Colored Pencils
    Glue Sticks -Dry erase markers Glue Sticks
    Ruler -Old rag or small eraser Scissors
    Scissors -Scissors 4 - 1 Subject Spiral Notebooks
    Colored pencils -Ear buds 3 Pocket Folders with Holes
    Markers -2 packs index cards Tab Dividers - 10
    Crayons -Personal pencil sharpener Either (1) large 3 inch Binder for all classes or (3) 1 ½ inch binders
    Highlighters (several colors) -Highlighters Kleenex
    Handheld pencil sharpener -Glue sticks If No.2 pencils are preferred for the student, then must purchase a personal pencil sharpener.
    Pencil pouch -Loose leaf paper Special Requests - Hand Sanitizer
    Index cards Math:  
    Wireless mouse -2 one subject spiral notebooks  
    Earbuds/headphones -One pack of graph paper  
    Clear plastic water bottle (optional) Science:  
    Towel (to sit on outdoors) - 2 one subject spiral notebooks  
    Small individual whiteboard (optional) Social Studies:  
    Dry erase markers - fine tip -1 one subject spiral notebook(composition is fine, it is mostly for warm-ups)  
    Tissues Science and Social Studies for Mr. Hill’s class  
    Deodorant (to keep in bookbag) 2- 2 pocket folders (paper or plastic) or 1- 2 inch binder  
    Classroom Donations: Mechanical pencils or pencils and your own sharpener  
    Hand Sanitizer Paper (loose leaf or composition books)  
    Clorox Wipes Dry Erase markers and eraser  
    Paper Towels Blue or Black ink pens  
    Small one time use cups (For water station fill up) English/Language Arts  
    Please note: Students cannot share supplies or borrow them from teachers. We will have a limited supply of items on hand for students who need them -1 three subject spiral notebook  
      ***Optional but greatly appreciated for the classroom:  
      -hand sanitizer  

    SAVE THE DATE: Schedule Pick-Up and Mask Distribution Thursday, August 12th from 1pm-TBA  


    * For your planning purposes, please remember that students with last names beginning with A-L will attend school with the "A" group on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Students with last names beginning with M-Z will attend with the "B" group on Thursdays and Fridays.  Wednesdays will be a remote day for all and a deep cleaning day for the school.