• Here are some tips for your child's Reading success this year that can open the world to them......
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  • 1. FINGER POINTING--- This is where your child puts their finger under each word as they read the word.

    2. ECHO READING--- This is when you read a line or sentence and your child repeats the sentence after you.

    3. REREADING--- Once your child reads a book, poem, etc. let them read it to you again and again!

    4. PRACTICE---Some of the students in my classroom will have stories to read and practice daily. They need to read to you and be timed for one minute. These readings are to see how many times your child can read them with minimal mistakes in one minute. These stories are called Read Naturally. Some students just need to practice reading whether it be a book or words, they need to PRACTICE reading everyday. Please, please, PLEASE read with them! Your listening ear will help them so much.