• Fluency Passages

    Reading homework will be in the form of a passage that your student will read each night for 4 nights.  They will read 3 different times and then answer 2 comprehension questions about the passage.  For the first week a note explaining the directions will be stapled to the passage. 

    1st reading - timed for 1 minute, count correct words read in that 1 minute

    2nd reading - read for content, read the entire passage for content

    3rd reading - read for expression, read the entire passage again using correct voice inflections for punctuation and vocabulary

    Answer 2 questions and underline the answers in the passage.

    This will be a year-long assignment and the direction will not change.  There may be weeks when I ask the students to double up on the questions (4-day weeks) but the reading itself will not differ.