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    Here are the rules and consequences of the classroom ( this is included in parent packet): RULES: 1. Raise hand before speaking. 2. Stay seated unless the teacher gives permission. 3. No hitting, name calling, or bullying of any kind. 4. Following directions ( complete assignments, etc.). 5. Treat others with respect. 6. Work hard and work quietly at your seat. 7. No gum. 8. Stay quiet in the hallway (we don't want to disturb other classes). 9. No horse play in the bathroom. 10. No wrestling, pushing or shoving, and fighting on the playground. 11. Use "inside voices" at all times inside the school building. 


    I use a clip up chart in my classroom.  Each child starts the day on green.  As good behavior is observed, he or she gets the chance to "clip up" to blue, then pink, then purple, and even off the chart!!!  Rewards will be given out.  If they are off the chart, they can bring in a show and tell the next day.  If they choose "not so great" behavior, he or she will clip down to yellow, then orange, then red.  Consequences will occur for each of these.  Children will have the opportunity to clip up even on the bottom three colors of the chart.


    The class will also have the opportunity to earn Dudley Dollars. These are given when the student is caught following rules, being kind, etc.  Anyone can give them a Dudley Dollar.  Every 4 1/2 weeks, the Dudley School Store will be open for kids to shop using their Dudley Dollars.