We choose one Mighty Eagle per month

    based on that month's character trait.

    We will be hosting quarterly
    Character Awards in the
    cafeteria, and we will invite
    parents. In addition to
    a certificate and $20 Dudley
    dollars, students will get


  • For the month of August, our character trait was "DETERMINATION" for setting your mind to doing something and working hard. We chose Ellee. Congratulations, Ellee! You are a hard worker!





    For the month of September, our character trait was "CITIZENSHIP" for being a responsible member of society.  We chose Wyatt. Congratulations to you, Wyatt for being responsible, hard working, and a good friend to others! 





  • For the month of October, we chose Danni for the character trait of "RESPECTFUL" and treating other people like they are important. She is always respectful of others, she follows all the school and classroom rules, and she is a good friend. Way to go, Danni!


    For the month of November, we chose Camilla for the character trait of "GENEROSITY" for giving above and beyond to others. Great job, Camilla! You are a very generous child.





  • We chose Aeva for the December Mighty Eagle. The character trait was "SERVICE" for helping or doing something nice for others. Aeva is always doing things for others. Way to go! 






  • For the month of January, we chose Dawson as our Mighty Eagle. The character trait was "OPTIMISTIC" for being hopeful and confident about the future. Dawson has a very positive attitude every day. Awesome job, Dawson!






  • For the month of February, the character trait was "KINDNESS" for being friendly and giving while thinking about others. We chose Connor for his kindness. Great job, Connor!




  • For the month of March, the character trait was  "COOPERATION" for working well together with other people. We chose Drake for the March Mighty Eagle! Congratulations to Drake!








  • For the month of April, we chose Colton for the character trait of "INTEGRITY/HONESTY" for being truthful and fair so people can trust you. 

    Way to go, Colt!





  • For the month of May, the character trait was "PERSEVERANCE" for never giving up on your goals or dreams. 

    We chose Camden !  

    Congratulations to you, Camden! 








  • Way to go, Mighty Eagles!