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    1st 9 weeks Instruction and Assessment

    Letterland- We complete a brief introduction on each letter to start the year. We then move to the detailed lessons on Clever Cat C, Annie Apple A, Mr.A, Dippy Duck D, Harry Hatman H, Munching Mike M, Talking Tess T, Sammy Snake S, and  Impy Ink I.

    We expect the children to recognize, write, and complete oral sound production for each letter. As well as testing on the alphabet, we work on and test book and print awareness. You may be asking, What is book and print awareness(BPA)?

    Examples of BPA: Front and back of book, recognition of letter and word, punctuation recognition,etc.


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    3rd 9 weeks Instruction and Assessment

    Letterland- We complete Jumping Jim J, Red Robot R, Quarrelsome Queen Q, Vicky Violet V, silent vase prop e, Oscar's Baby brother o, Walter Walrus W, Fix It Max X, Yellow Yo-yo Man Y and Zig Zag Zebra Z.

    After we have completed the alphabet we start on word families in Letterland this 9 weeks. They are as follows:

    at, an, ap, ig, in , ip, op, ot, ock

    We will continue to retest alphabet, book and print, rhyming,spelling, dolche words and syllable clapping for those who have not mastered these concepts.

    We will add blending, beginning sounds, and ending sounds to the testing.

    We will also do our first independent writing sample.

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    2nd 9 weeks Instruction and Assessment

     Letterland- We complete M.I,  Noisy Nick N, Golden Girl G,Oscar Orange O, Mr. O, Peter Puppy P,  Eddy Elephant E, Mr.E, Uppy Umbrella U, Mr. U, Kicking King K, Lucy Lamplight L, Firefighter Fred F, Bouncy Ben B, and Jumping Jim J.

    We will retest on alphabet recognition, hand written production, and oral sound production. We will also retest Book and Print Awareness. This 9 weeks we will add a spelling, rhyming, and syllable clapping portion to the testing.

    I will also be testing children on the sight words we have covered thus far in the year.



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    4th 9 weeks Instruction and Assessment

    Letterland- We finish up the et, ell and eck word families and continue to move on into blends.

    The blends are as follows:

    S blends- sl, sw,sk,sn,st,sm,sc,sp

    L blends- bl, cl, fl, gl, pl

    R blends-br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr

    When we have finished blends we move on to the Vowel Men:

    Mr. A The Apron Man, Mr. E The Easy Magic Man, Mr. I The Ice Cream Man, Mr. O The Old Man and Mr. U The Uniform Man. With the vowels we learn about the silent Magic E and Clever Cat 's special rules with magic E.

    We will reassess every item that has been tested thus far in the year to be sure that each child has met mastery level. I will then be testing on each child's book level.