• Second Grade Rules  

    Classroom Rules

    1. Always do your best.

    2. Share with others.

    3. Use kind words.

    4. Listen when others talk.

    5. Clean up and help out.

    6. Say please and thank you.

    7. Respect each other.

    8. Follow directions.



    Students use a clip chart.
    When students arrive in the morning, they clip to "ready to learn". (green)
    Depending on behavior during the day, the students can either clip up or down. 
    Students will write their color in their planner at the end of the day.


    Purple- Outstanding
    Pink- Great Day
    Blue- Good Job
    Green - Ready to Learn
    Yellow - Warning
    Orange - Teacher's Choice
    Red - Parent Contact


    1 Clear pencil bag holder with zipper

    1 package glue sticks

    1 box 16 count crayons

    2 plain pocket folders

    1 primary ruled composition notebook (with drawing area at top - no spirals)

    3 primary ruled composition notebook (no spirals)

    1 1/2"  3 ring binder

    1 box Kleenex

    1 wet wipes

    1 Clorox wipes

    1 pair of blunt end kids scissors

    1 box large gallon Zip Loc Baggies

    1 small sandwich Zip Loc Baggies

    1 book bag (no rollers) be sure the binder will fit into book bag and zip shut. Don't forget if your child has a lunch box that will also have to fit.


     Children should  wear Tennis Shoes.  NO SANDALS/ FLIP FLOPS!  


  • Skills

    1) Spelling rules
    2) Creative writing/with labeled picture
    3) Grammar - COPS -Capitilization, Organization, Punctuation, Spelling (syntax) 
    4) Base ten number facts and place value
    5) Counting to 1,000
    6) Coin values - quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies
    7) Word Problems