• SchoolCenter Picture  Second Grade Literacy 

    Wit and Wisdom
    Covers all genres of reading.
  •  Second Grade Letterland 


    Day One- Quick Dash and Sounds Race - Live Reading

    Day Two - Live spelling - Word Detectives

    Day Three - Read unit story- Word Sort

    Day Four - Written Word Sort - Review

    Day Five - Fluency Check - Spelling Test


  • Second Grade Math

    Numbers and arrays

    Fluency /Strategies within 20

    Addition / Fluency Strategies to 100 

    Subtraction / Fluency Strategies to 100 

    Understand Place value to 1,000

    Count and Compare Numbers to 1,000

    Add and Subtract Numbers within 1,000

    Measure and Estimate Lengths

    Solve Length Problems

    Represent and Interpret Data

    Money and Time

    Identify and Partition Shapes