• Classroom Supplies

  • 1 pocket folders (without binder rings)

    1 - 1" binder (no bigger or no smaller)

    1 pencil box (no bags please)

    1 box of crayons

    2 composition notebooks

    1 standard size bookbag (no wheels please)

    4 glue sticks

                                                            1 clip board

                                                            1 pair of scissors

                                                           2 boxes of kleenex

                                                           1 pack of construction paper




                     Opptional Supplies




    disposable cameras (we use about 1 per month)

    Ziplock bags (Quart & snack sizes)

    small prizes for the prize box

    Individually wrapped candy

    heavy duty sheet protecters

    dry erase thin markers

    Please do not send the following:

    pencil sharpeners

    notebook paper