• The first weeks of school I will be reading a book called Judy Moody Was In A Mood.  Not a Good Mood.  A Bad Mood.  Judy Moody is starting third grade, and worried she'll have to sit next to Frank "Eats Paste" Pearl in a new classroom that won't have a porcupine named Roger. Plus, she doesn't even have a T-shirt with words like all the other kids because her family didn't go anywhere on vacation. Roar!

    But Judy is not one to take things lying down. She whips up her own T-shirt (I Ate a Shark!) and trudges off to school with her best friend, Rocky, only to find that her new teacher, Mr. Todd (or as Judy calls him, Mr. Toad) has an assignment that's right up her alley -- to create a Me-collage. 

    Mr. Todd tells his students to make a collage that is “all about YOU.” He says to “draw, cut out pictures, or paste things to your collage that tell the class what makes you YOU.”