• 2017-2018 Archery Team

    Luke W, Layden H, Noah B, Scout S, Emma M, Macy H, Kate G, Seth H

    Trina H, Emily C, Jon S, Ali B, Brian B, Levi W

    Anthony A, Makayla C, Paizlee S, Brandon L, EmmaGrace H

    Bryson G, Kent B, Daysha B, Dylan L, Kaydence D


    The following rules govern the participation of students at Baton Elementary School for the Baton Archery Team.


    1. Archers must follow all school rules and all NASP rules.

    2. Grade Checks: Archers must have all class work up to date. The teacher will inform Coach of any problems.

    3. Proper dress shall be required, NO open toe shoes.

    4. Forms - ALL required forms must be signed, dated and handed-in prior to student participation.

    5. Absents / Tardiness from School: Any Archer absent from school on the day of a Shoot or practice will not participate. Tardiness to school will be addressed by the Coach and the Principal.

    6. Suspensions: An Archer suspended from school will not participate the days suspended, and there is a possibility of being dismissed from the team.

    7. Drug and Alcohol Use: Consumption, sale, or distribution of these substances will not be tolerated.

    8. Theft by any Athlete will not be tolerated. Any Archer caught stealing or in position of stolen items will be disciplined by Coach or Principal.

    9. Swearing or use of Profanity: Will not be tolerated.

    10. Unwritten Violations: Any violations not previously stated will be referred to the Principal and Coach. Administration will determine discipline.


     2016-2017 Baton Bears ARCHERY TEAM