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    North Carolina Standard Course of Study

    Art Education



    What's going on in Art!!!

    This year students will learn a lot with our integrated art lessons. Students have been creating art based on their studies in their core classes.

    Be sure to ask your child what they did in art class this week!

  • Students Explore Art!


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    This year the students will be part of an exciting visual arts education program. Students in art class will:

    1. explore the great art, artists, and cultures of the world.
    2. develop skills to understand and appreciate artwork.
    3. participate in hands-on art activities.
    4. develop critical thinking skills by studying their own and others' artwork.


    More and more, the arts are playing a vital role in education and learning. Unlike many other subject areas, the arts introduce students to ways of thinking that are based on imagination and judgment. The arts encourage students to think and learn in a variety of ways and to use language and logic skills.


    One of the most exciting aspects of art education for students is creating their own artwork. This year your child will begin to see the world through an artist's eyes and develop critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime.


    Things to Do at Home

    You can help your child practice art concepts at home with the following activities.

    •1. Share and discuss family mementos with your child. What kind of lines, shapes, and colors are there?

    •2. Pay special attention to the illustrations in books that you read with your child. How do the illustrations contribute meaning to the story? Do illustrations give information that is not in the text?

    •3. Visit a museum with your child. During and after the visit, discuss the works of art with your child. Which works did your child like best? Why? What did you child think the artist was trying to say?

    •4.  Draw with your children. Let them start a drawing and you finish it. Or give them a drawing prompt, such as their favorite toy, game, vacation, etc.