• 5th Grade 2023/2024 Supply List


    o pencils

    o erasers

    o (2) packs of notebook paper

    o colored pencils

    o scissors

    o (6) glue sticks

    o highlighters (preferably different colors)

    o (1) zippered pencil pouch (no boxes please)

    o (4) dry erase markers

    o (2) 1-subject spiral bound notebooks

    o (1) 3 subject notebook

    o (1) 2" 3-ring binder

    o (1) pair of earbuds or headphones

    (Optional) If your child has difficulty using a Chromebook mouse pad, they may bring a wired or wireless mouse.


    * Please replenish supplies as needed. Thank you!


      • boxes of tissue

      • dry erase markers

      • disinfecting wipes

      • individually wrapped candy