• Middle School Science

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    NCDPI Science Web Site & Standards



  • Middle School Science Curriculum Guides

    Each of the CCS middle school science "Year at a Glance" documents is linked to the curriculum guides and instructional resource folders that provide a basic framework for instructional planning. In addition to the N.C. standards and objectives, the guides include suggested pacing aligned with the state assessment specifications, key terms, essential questions and links to suggested resources.


    Digital Resources for Science Learners

    Annenberg Learner
    Interactives, lesson plans and digital textbooks

    CK-12 Online science flexbook 

    HHMI Middle School Life Science Interactives, videos and activities

    Middle School Chemistry Multimedia resources and lesson plans

    PBS Learning Media Curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans and more

    PhET from the University of Colorado provides dozens of fantastic simulations for physics, chemistry and biology

    Scilinks Web sites, news, activities and more

    SciJinks Joint NOAA and NASA educational website that puts fun and adventure into learning about weather, satellite meteorology, and Earth science.