• Braswell 

    School Supply List for 2022-2023

    These supplies are for math and science and will also be used in most of your core classes, you may have other requested supplies for your Encore classes.

    1. LOTS of pencils and cap erasers. If you use mechanical pencils, make sure you buy LOTS of lead! We don’t use pens in math class! You may use a pen in science if you wish to (blue, green or black ink only please - no fluorescent colors please)
    2. NEW: Fine tip dry erase markers - we use mini whiteboards in math ALOT - and we go through the markers quickly. We typically use black but any color will work. If you can pick some up for your personal use, it would be great!
    3. Notebook/loose-leaf paper - college or wide ruled - up to you. You have the option of using either loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks for your Math and Science notes - whatever you prefer. 
    4. Spiral notebooks - You may choose to use these to take Math and Science notes in if you don’t want to use notebook/loose-leaf paper. If they are on sale, you might want to pick up a few. 
    5. Two glue sticks.
    6. Pack of colored pencils - at least one 6-8 count.
    7. Three-ring binders - you will need one each for Math and Science - I suggest a 2-inch binder. 1-inch may not be big enough and 3-inch will be too big for your locker
    8. Three (3) dividers for your Math binder, two (2) dividers for your Science binder. Total of five (5).
    9. Highlighters - at least one - any color. 
    10. Deodorant! Yes, our middle school students are stinky! 
    11. Water bottle for class. 
    12. Earbuds/headphones - you will need a set for in-class instruction and for computer class. Please do not go out and buy expensive ones. The ones from Dollar Tree seem to work just fine.
    13. Pencil pouch to hold all your individual supplies.
    14. Wireless mouse for your device/chromebook (only if you prefer using a mouse instead of the keypad)
    15. You will not need a calculator - we have a classroom set.
    16. Lock - You will get a locker this year! So, you should get a lock. It must be an alpha or numeric lock, no key locks! You must provide your homeroom teacher with the combination. Now, let's talk about your lockers. No, you cannot fit into one, but you won't have much room for school supplies either. I know some of you will want to decorate the inside of your locker, but I would advise that you not spend the money to do so, as the lockers are very small, and, there isn't much room for anything but your coat, backpack and any school books/supplies you don't need for class. 
    17. OPTIONAL: Planner of some type - GMS does not issue school planners. We do not send anything home for you to sign on a daily basis. It would be a very good idea to purchase a small/mini notebook of some kind (even a small calendar) that you can write down homework and project assignments. You can also write down info about school pictures, school events, etc.
    18. Sneakers: If you have PE (gym) as an Encore class, you will need sneakers. I suggest keeping a pair in your locker. That way, you don't have to worry about remembering to wear or bring sneakers on the days you decide to wear other shoes.

    Classroom Requests: tissues and paper towels; please and thank you!