• How to earn homework passes

  • Pass Packets

    Turn in your stamped papers, stapled neatly, to receive one of the following

    5 stamped papers = 1 day late pass 

    10 stapmed papers = 5 extra points pass 

    15 stamped papers = 10 extra points pass 

  • Watch any episode of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.  Choose one of the experiments that Jamie and Adam do in the episode and fill out the attached worksheet explaining how they followed the Scientific Method.  Make sure to include the title of the experiment. 

    This will earn you a 10 extra points pass!

  • Article Analysis

    Find a printed article (newspaper, magazine, or online) related to math or science or social studies in some way and complete the attached worksheet. Turn in the completed worksheet with the article to recieve a homework points pass will add 10 points to a grade)

    Here are some websites that will help you:


    Consumer Reports


    Popular Science