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2-Point Perspective 8th Grade

  • 2-Point City

    Students in 8th Grade learn to make 2-Point Perspective Cities and add their own creativity to enhance their work. After the city they try a house shape and make it in a different location with any design they would like.

Watercolor Techniques

  • Watercolor

    Students learn to use different watercolor techniques.

6th Grade 1-Point Perspective

  • 1 point   1 p collage

    Students learn the basics of 1-Point perspective by drawing flat shapes and making them look 3-Dimensional by adding sides and shading.


    Students created their own designs and create their own colors for the scatchboard.

Optical Illusions

  • Op Art   OP

    Students used math to create art by creating a symmetrical design and then using contrasting colors, created a uniform design that creates the illusion that it is getting smaller as it goes toward the center.

Creative Color Wheel

  • Color wheel Color wheel

    Students create a unique design using protractors, compasses, rulers and math and then paint with complementary colors.

1-Point Perspective City

  •  1 point  collage

    Students built on their 6th grade lessons in 1-Point Perspective drawing by grounding all objects and creating a realistic city. Some students added collage for a fun element.