Grade Span:
    Grades 9 - 12/13
    Only entry point is 9th grade

    After five years enrollment:

    High School Diploma

    Opportunity to earn associates degree and/or college transferable credits

    Tuition and Fees:
    NO COST for students
    Tuition and books at NO COST
    (Education value estimated at approximately $7,000
    on Community College level)


    Complete Student Application
    Commit for the duration of the
    five-year program

    High School Honors-level courses

    College/University Prep Course of Study
    College Coursework begins in the freshman year. Most community college credits will be transferable to any university within the North Carolina system.

    Service Learning and Career Exploration
    integrated into curriculum

    Student Population:

    Target a diverse population of students
    representative of our county's freshmen

    Emphasis on students who will be the first to graduate from college in their family
    Mature students able to handle a collegiate setting and capable of managing college-level coursework.

    Student Support:
    On-site counselor, instructional facilitator,  and college liaison

    College development coursework available for students

    High School and Caldwell Community College adult advocates positioned to help students.

    Extracurricular Activities:

    Students may participate in sports at their district high school.

    Clubs and other activities will be available at the Early College and CCC&TI-based on interest.