Great Beginnings Induction Program

  • Caldwell County Schools is proud to offer the Great Beginnings Induction Program for beginning teachers.   This program provides beginning teachers with the assistance needed to ensure their success in teaching.  It prepares beginning teachers for their first year of teaching and supports them through the third year.  The program is unique to Caldwell County and a great benefit for our beginning teachers.  We are proud to help develop master teachers who enjoy long successful careers in our schools!

    The program is provided by the Human Resources Department and includes the following components:

    • Orientation:  Caldwell County Schools provides a full orientation to all Beginning Teachers new to the system.  The orientation sessions are designed to ensure that all new teachers have the knowledge and common understanding of our county's programs, policies, and curriculum.  It takes place over three days in late summer.  
    • Mentor:  A mentor teacher will be assigned to Beginning Teachers early in the school year. The mentor teacher will provide BTs with useful information and assistance.  Learn more about the mentors here or contact them with the directory.  
    • Observations:  Beginning Teachers will be observed at least three times by a qualified school administrator and at least once by a teacher.  As a part of the Great Beginnings program, beginning teachers will be observed by their mentors.  These observations will serve as a basis for professional growth through reflection and are NOT evaluative.
    • Great Beginnings Seminars:  Beginning Teachers attend three seminars a year.  Each seminar (workshop) begins at 3:30 and ends at 5:00.  A complete listing of these seminars, a brief description, dates, and locations can be found here.  
    • Optimum Working Conditions: The State Board of Education has adopted guidelines for optimum working conditions for beginning teachers: Beginning teachers should:  
      • be assigned in their area of licensure
      • have a limited area of preparations
      • be given only a limited number of exceptional or difficult students
      • have minimal non-instructional duties
      • have no extracurricular activities unless requested in writing
        • Because beginning teachers are protected by state law from having extra duties, it is a requirement that anyone wishing to take on extra responsibilities such as coaching a sport or sponsoring a club must make a request to do so in writing.  A guide is provided for your assistance. These requests must be updated annually until you are no longer a beginning teacher.

    To learn more about our plan for supporting beginning teachers in their first three years, read our plan document.  

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