1. Read with your child read every day!

    2. Continue reading together even after your child learns to read.

    3. Finger pointing, sounding out words, echoing a skilled reader, and rereading books are all important skills to practice with your child. 

    4. Be patient.  Let your child read aloud at his or her own pace.  Offer help only when needed.

    5. Discuss what you read together.  Ask questions and listen attentively to your child's answers.

    6. Make reading time special.  Cuddle up in a quiet, comfortable spot.  Your child will associate reading with feeling secure, relaxed and love.

    7. Encourage your child to read every day!

    8. Take your child to the public library often and check out a variety of age appropriate books.

    9. Be a role model.  By seeing how much you enjoy reading, your child will learn that it is a great source of fun.

    By encouraging your child to read, you are helping them to be successful in school.