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    Posted by Melissa Wiant on 10/28/2016

    The KEY to success in fifth grade math is having those times tables memorized!

    Students will struggle with multiplication of larger numbers, division, or fractions if they are not automatic with multiplication facts.

    Flash cards are the most efficient method of memorizing times tables.  Just 10 minutes per night can make ALL the difference


    If your child is doing well, I always encourage them to do more.  I have extra work that is available at all times.  All they have to do is ask!  I will count as extra credit where it may be needed.


    Major topics in Fifth grade math:

    Multiplication---Whole numbers and decimals/Also with fractions

    Division--Whole numbers and decimals/Also with fractions

    Fractions---Plotting on a number line, adding and subtracting with unlike denominators, simplifying; multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals

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