• Caldwell County Schools AIG Program Vision:

    The Caldwell County Schools Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted Program works to develop the  

     maximum potential in students. Through rigor, relevance and relationships,

    we are committed to challenging students to excel to their highest levels of success

     in order to be prepared for life in the 21st century.



    What is the criteria for placement in the AIG Program?

    There are 3 pathways for Gifted Education in grades third through eighth.  The identification process starts in third grade after reviewing the Beginning of Grade Scores (BOG), CogAt, and End of Grade Scores (EOG).

    Pathway 1: Intellectually Gifted

    Aptitude Test:  98% (Composite score) *this is usually the CogAt score but could be InView

    Pathway 2: Academic and Intellectually Gifted

    Must meet all criteria

    Aptitude Test: 95% or above on Composite Score

    Achievement Test: 95% or above in reading and/or math *Typically this is EOG or Met8


    Pathway 3: Academically Gifted

    Must qualify in three out of four criteria:

    Aptitude Test: 90% or above (may be a sub-score: verbal,

                         quantitative or nonverbal)

    Achievement Test: 90% or above in reading and/or math

    Classroom Performance: “A” in nominated subject

    Student Observation/Checklist: Observations completed by a minimum of 2 teachers with

                                                      qualifying scores.