• Parents,
    Please know that I am doing everything I can do help your child be successful this year. I am working beyond overtime to make sure they get what they need each week to do their work because I love and care about each one of them. I expect hard work and effort from them as well as from you, their parents. Along with that, I am willing to do whatever your child needs me to do to feel smart and loved. I plan engaging lessons, relevant assignments, extra recess when possible. I bring extra snacks, provide extra surprises, and extra trips to the prize box, etc. I am 100% dedicated to my job as being their teacher this year. I know these are NOT the most ideal circumstances, but we just have to make the best of our situation and keep our focus on what's most important- these kids and their education. We have GOT to work TOGETHER as a team to ensure that they continue to learn and grow each and every day. Remote learning days should be kept on a schedule (similar to our classroom schedule) as much as possible with plenty of learning and growing still happening with the work I am sending home & posting on Google Classroom. I am posting in Google Classroom, our classroom webpage, Class Dojo, and writing in planners. The communication lines have to be open and I am available as much as I can be! The expectations for third graders is much higher than last year and it has to be in order for them to achieve their goals by the end of the year. Encouraging your child to be MORE INDEPENDENT at home will help them so much! They need to learn that they are responsible for their work and I have explained to them all on how to reach me and what to check for online during their remote learning days. Raise the standard for your child because they CAN and WILL achieve it! They are all so smart and capable. I look forward to seeing the growth they make this year!
    Sincerely ~ Mrs. Evans ❤




    Access Class Dojo here - (link will be posted once I get my class list and can set it up) 


    Upcoming Reminders...



    August 23- FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

    Sept. 6- NO SCHOOL (HOLIDAY)

    Sept. 6- FALL FUNDRAISER BEGINS- Little Caesars Pizza Kits 

    Sept. 9- PDQ Spirit Night 

    Sept. 20-24 - BOOKFAIR

    Sept. 23- Village Inn Spiriti Night (Hickory)

     Oct. 5- Wendy's Spirit Night (Granite Falls)

    Oct. 14- PICTURE DAY