Caldwell County Schools will annually:
    • Involve parents in the development of the LEA Title I Plan by putting the plan before the county PTA/PTO Council for their review/input and requesting that each Title I School use its PTA/PTO Executive Committee to review and give input into the plan.
    • Provide the coordination, technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist Title I schools to develop and implement the 13 required parent involvement components of their school improvement plans using at least their proportional share of the 1% mandatory budget allocation.
    • Request that the Title I School's PTA/PTO Executive Committee/Leadership Team review and provide input into revisions of the entire school improvement plan based on current data.
    • Ensure that school improvement plans build/foster parent leadership capacity.
    • Provide information to parents enabling them to understand the expectations of ESSA.
    • Work to integrate parent involvement programs/strategies/activities in all programs.
    • Review/evaluate the measurable outcomes resulting from school improvement plan implementation to ensure parental participation and leadership capacity increase incrementally.
    • Provide forms for schools to document their required parent meetings.
    • Provide forms for principals to record their efforts to involve parents as required under ESSA.
    • Provide Parent-Student-School Compact forms for all students in Title I Schools.
    • Provide forms to document mid-year progress in each school.
    • Provide parent questionnaires to measure the schools' willingness for them to be equal partners in their children's education.
    • In partnership with the county PTA/PTO Council, review the policy to see if they result in greater parental involvement and participation, and to recommend revisions if necessary.
  • Resources for Parents

    Parents are a child's first teacher and their continued involvement is important to the child's continued success in school.  Parents can support growth and success in reading by continuing to read with and to their children.  This section will link resources and ideas for parents which support reading achievement.

    Helping students read nonfiction books (short article with detailed steps):  http://www.ldonline.org/article/47164   

    Text Features (chart with explanations)  http://www.ldonline.org/article/52137