• Physics is the application of mathematics to observed phenomena in the physical world. You should have a strong competence in math, specifically in algebra, in order to be successful in this class. In order to strengthen our understanding of the math of Physic, and to better understand Scientific Notation and Significant Figures, we will not be using calculators during the bulk of the semester. Thanks to a generous loan from the Slide Rule Museum, we will be using slide rules for all calculations prior to preparing for the NC Final Exam. If we can send men to the moon with our engineers relying on slide rules, we can tackle high school Physics with them, no problem!

    Class Policies:

    All assignments, notes, and materials are posted to our Google Classroom on a daily basis.

    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the Classroom stream to see what you have missed and what you are responsible for completing. Attendance directly correlates to performance in this class. High absenteeism will negatively affect your understanding and comprehension of the material presented in class and will ultimately be reflected in your grade.

    Per county policy, you have the same number of school days to make up an assignment as you missed, i.e. 1 day absent = 1 day to make up.

    Make up work is due by 8 am of the day it is to be turned in.

    All assignments are to be turned in via the assignment post in Google Classroom. JPGs and PDF scans are acceptable. Alternatively, hard copies of your assignment may be turned in to the folder taped to the Media Center office door on A hall by 8 am on the date due.

    Tutoring is available on Tuesdays, during Smart Lunch in A3. This will also be the time for taking any quiz or test that you miss due to absence. Missed quizzes, tests, or other assessments are to be made up during a Smart Lunch session that you schedule with me in advance.

    Class policies may be edited, added or amended at the discretion of Mr. Moore.