• Any student may do test corrections in Ms. Hadley's classroom. It does not matter what score you made on the test or what your average is.

    This is one of the ways that Ms. Hadley allows students to be in control of their grades and their spreadsheet average. Anyone who is willing to work can earn credit to improve his/her grade.

    Test corrections must be completed within two weeks of the date of the test.

    Use the following instructions to complete your test corrections. This is a four-step process. You must complete all four steps to earn credit. If you leave out a step - no credit will be earned. Test corrections earn 1/2 credit. If a test has questions worth 2 points - the correction is worth 1 point.


    1. Copy down the complete question.

    2. Copy down the complete correct answer. (Not just the letter.)

    3. In our textbook, notes or online, find an explanation for why the correct answer is correct. Write that down.

    4. Give a credit for where you found the information. I need the book title and page number OR write down class notes and note the page OR give a complete web address.


    All four items must be present for any credit to be given.

    You do not have to correct all missed questions - but this is a chance to earn back credit.