• BATHROOM BREAKS – West Caldwell High School’s faculty understands that everyone has need of a BATHROOM BREAK during class from time to time. Teachers do not want to be harsh or mean about this issue. However, a few students who abuse breaks from class can make it a difficult issue to manage.

    It is important for students to be in class to be successful. The policy for this class is that each student must sign out and then sign back in on paper sheet to use the hall pass. There are three reasons why a student may leave class on the hall pass: bathroom visits, to visit the guidance counselor, or an emergency visit to the office (sick, call home etc.). All other business (visiting coaches, turning in money or forms, picking up forms, turning in work to another teacher) must be conducted outside of class time.

    Students may not use or ask to use the hall pass during lectures or instructions for work. Students should choose a moment that will not disrupt anyone else’s learning or the teacher’s work to sign out and in on the hall pass system. If your student has a medical or other condition that will make this policy difficult, please document this (with all privacy and confidentiality respected) with the school nurse. A suitable plan can be worked out for your student with the nurse’s help.