• Medication Administration
    in Caldwell County Schools

    The Caldwell County School System and the Caldwell County Health Department have established a medication procedure in an effort to provide for safe administration of medication in schools.

    Medication may be given during the school day, as determined by a doctor or a parent that cannot be scheduled outside the school day; however, is necessary for the child's well-being and ability to function in school. 

     Medications include prescription, emergency, and over-the-counter medications.

    If your child is sick, we recommend that he/she receive medical care and follow the physician's advice.  

    In the event that medication must be given during the school day, a medication consent form must be completed by the physician and signed by a parent/guardian.  For students who will self-administer and carry their own medication, the prescribing physician must complete and sign the appropriate section on the consent form. The form must be returned before medication will be administered.




    • Must be in Prescription bottle
    • Labeled with Student's name, medication name, and dosage
    • Must be in Original Counter
    • Labeled with Student's name and dosage


    Medication Consent Form