Helpful Hints for Students

  • Over the years, I have found that students sometimes come to a Science class expecting to study it as they would an English class or Social Studies class. While there are some similarities, there are many more differences in the study techniques between the subjects. I have listed some of the techniques that you, as my student, or you, as the parent of one of my students, can utilize in any Science class or help your student in studying for their Science class.

    1. Do not miss class unless you have an emergency. It is very difficult to make up missed work and collect notes from friends.
    2. Make a committment to go over your notes for at least 10-15 minutes each day. It is amazing how much more you will retain.
    3. Your notebook serves as the text for this class. That means you need to take great notes in class. Get notes from me or a friend if you are absent. If there is a topic you do not understand as you go back over it. Email me or look up the information on the Internet (See Biology helps for links).
    4. ASK me if you do not understand the material. My job is to help you succeed in science!!!!  I LOVE MY JOB!! 

Biology Units of Study

  • Unit 1: Ecology
    Unit 2: Cell Biology
    Unit 3: Genetics
    Unit 4: Evolution

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