Programs and Community Resources

  • Girls on the Run 

    Girls on the Run

    A nationwide non-profit organization which encourages girls to develop self-respect and focus on their emotional, social, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Caroline Sigmon facilitates this program at Whitnel Elementary.


     Why Try Logo


    Why Try?

    Why Try is a world wide non-profit organization which motivates school aged children and adolescents to achieve success in school and in their home environments. Why Try is conducted in group and individual settings.  This program incorporates journaling, visual, musical and kinetic learning.  Why Try groups are conducted at Davenport A+, Horizons Elementary, Sawmills Elementary and Valmead Elementary.


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    Alternative to Suspension Program (ASAP)

    Caldwell County Schools is pleased to offer an alternative to out of school suspension.  Students in grades 6-12, when deemed appropriate candidates for this program, may participate in A.S.A.P. (A Suspension Alternative Program) for short-term out of school suspensions (one to ten days) in lieu of being home during this time.  This program will consist of community service, counseling and an opportunity to complete academic assignments.  Upon successful completion of the program, the student's OSS will be converted to "supervised activities", which shows the student as present.  Benefits to the student and family include keeping up with academic assignments, contributing to the community, counseling services and increased supervision during the period of suspension.


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