• Hello,

    I teach science and social studies for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Vertical planning and aligning standards across grade levels can help students see the bigger picture/concepts and help review previous taught information.  To help increase student achievement and mastery, subject areas are on a 4 week rotation.

     Homework Policy

    Homework for each week will be assigned according to what subject I am teaching. For example, if we are learning about science concepts, students will have social studies homework.  If we are learning about social studies concept, students will have science homework.

     Science and Social Studies are on a 4 week rotation.  Students will be assigned, each Monday, independent classwork that is due on Thursday.  When we focus on social studies concepts, students will be assigned weekly science classwork.  When we focus on science concepts, students will be assigned social studies classwork.  Any classwork not completed at school can be finished off-campus.

     Feel free to look over my weekly lesson plans.  Links will provide students with more information or access to assignments.