School Counselors

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    National School Counselor Week is February 5-9, 2024

     National School Counseling Week 2021, "School Counselors: Helping Students Realize Their Potential," will be celebrated to focus public attention on the unique contribution of professional school counselors within U.S. school systems. Sponsored by ASCA, this week highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career. 

Mission Statement

  • A balanced, comprehensive school counseling program provides services promoting student success. School counselors work conjunction with teachers, parents and community agencies School counselors assist all students in pre-K through 12 with their educational, personal, social and career development needs. While some specific activities and services may differ as counseling programs progress from the primary to the secondary levels, these essentials of school counseling programs are consistent throughout all grades. Each Caldwell County School as at least one (1) counselor on site. Visit the school web site or call your school for assistance.