• How Can I Help My Child with Mathematics?
    Do Math with your child at home as problem-solving partners.
    Look and interpret graphs and charts found in newspapers
    Use trips to the grocery store to practice measuring weight and estimating the cost of items
    Let children follow a recipe and measure out ingredients
    On road trips estimate the distance, time and mileage
    Practice facts (x, +, -, ÷)
    How Can I Help My Child with Reading?
    Establish time for your child to read.  
    Provide your child with a variety of reading materials.
    Read aloud to and with your child.
    Discuss the purpose of different text types such as fiction, letters, newspaper articles, etc.
    Ask your child open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a simple word or phrase.
    Require your child to refer back to the text to explain an answer.
    Ensure that your child reads independently each day at their “just right” reading level.