Frequently Asked Questions

  • With all of the events and performances that band and chorus participate in, there tends to be a lot of questions. These are the questions that students and parents ask most frequently.

     Q: What should I wear to a band concert?

    A: The dress for any concert is all black. Black pants, black shirt, black shoes. The shirt may be a polo-style or a button-up. Ladies may wear a black skirt/dress as long as it is past the knee. The attire is all black because it is a more professional and uniform look. Please work on purchasing/aquiring all black attire as students who arrive in inappropriate attire will not be allowed to perform. Please email Ms. Crumpton if there are issues.

     Q: What time do I have to arrive for a concert?

    A: The call time for all concerts will be 5:30 unless otherwise announced previously. Please check Dojo or this webpage for any updates regarding date or time changes.

     Q: Is attendance for concerts required?

    A: YES! All students are required to attend concerts. Dates are announced far enough in advance to avoid conflicts. Minor illnesses (headache, cough, sore throat) are not excuses for missing a performance. Only severe illness or a death in the family are excusable. An alternate assignment will be provided to students who must be excused from the concert. Please email Ms. Crumpton if there are any issues. 

    Q: How often should I practice? 

    A: Students should be practicing at least 20 minutes everyday in order to learn their music and progress in class.


    Any other questions can be emailed to Ms. Crumpton at