Student Transfer Information

  • Caldwell County students have the opportunity to apply for a transfer to a school of their choice if space is available and if certain criteria from Board Policy 4150 are met. Also, if applying for a transfer you will want to review Student Athletic Eligibility Board Policy 3621.

    The open enrollment period for the 2019-20 school year is January 15 - February 28, 2019.  If you are applying after the deadline or to a closed school, transfers will be approved only for extreme extenuating circumstances as determined by the superintendent.  In these cases, please provide a detailed description of the extenuating circumstance you believe would support your transfer request.  Applications for Student Transfer are available at any school office, on line, or at The Education Center.  Should you have any questions call or email your school or Joy Parker at The Freedman Center 828-726-3290 ext. 307231. 

Student Transfer Policy Procedures

  • Caldwell County students must enroll in the school that serves the district in which they live or have an approved transfer.  Caldwell County students have the opportunity to apply for transfer to a school of their choice for the 2019-2020 year if space is available and if the following criteria are met:

    • The student must be in good standing at his/her home school (grades, attendance, and/or discipline).
    • The Transfer Request must be received during the designated time period.
    • Parents/Guardians must provide transportation without excessive absences, tardies/early dismissals.
    • Students must maintain passing grades and must not be involved in any serious discipline problems.

     Student Transfer Release Applications must be completed and returned to your school by February 28, 2019 if you want your child to attend a school outside the school district in which you live or a different school from the one he/she is currently attending.  Student Transfer Release Applications received after February 28, 2019 or applications to a closed school will be approved only for extreme extenuating circumstances.  A detailed description of the extenuating circumstances to support the request to transfer must be attached to the application.  If this statement is not attached, your application may not be processed. These applications will be submitted to the Superintendent’s office for consideration.

     Parents of Kindergarten students who want to request a transfer may apply for transfer and may participate in the kindergarten orientation at the requested school if it is not “closed to new enrollees.”  If the transfer request is not approved, the records will then be returned to the school that serves the district in which you live.   Please Note:  If your older son/daughter has an approved transfer to attend an out-of-district school and that school is now closed, your older child (children) may stay, but your kindergarten child may be denied enrollment at that school. 

    Caldwell County students with APPROVED transfers to the school they are presently attending will need to complete the Student Transfer Release Application each year to remain at the school.  Out of county transfers must have an annual release from their home county and must re-apply each year (A fee may apply).

     Students approved for transfer wishing to participate in athletics in middle school and high school are subject to the provisions of Board Policy 3621.

    Student Transfer Release forms are available at any school office, on line, The Education Center, located at 1914 Hickory Blvd in Lenoir, or The Freedman Center located at 332 Greenhaven Dr. NW in Lenoir.  Should you have questions, please call your school office or Joy Parker at The Freedman Center, 828/726-3920 Ext. 307231.

    A list of CLOSED Schools is available on our website.

Transfer Forms

  • Make sure you have read the Board Policies referenced above under Student Transfer Information along with the Student Transfer Information Letter to Parents and the Transfer form. This information can be found on the Documents and Forms page under Transfer.

Out of County Transfers

  • You must first receive a release from your home county and thereafter each year your child remains in the Caldwell County Schools.  An out-of-county student will not be approved until all transfers from students in Caldwell County are processed.  If ample space is available and if a student is in good standing will determine if the student will be approved. Please specify when picking up an application that you need an OUT-OF- COUNTY application.

  • Warning
    Falsification of any part of a Application for Student Transfer or Student Information Form will result in immediate denial or revocation of a student transfer.  Out of district students without a transfer will immediately be asked to return to their home school and will not be eligible to request a transfer.

    Students approved for transfer may have their transfer privilege revoked by the Superintendent for serious misconduct, poor academic performance inconsistent with student ability, unexcused absences or excessive tardies/early dismissals as per School Board Policy 4120.