Transition Specialist

  • CLARICEA MITCHELL our  Alternative Schools TRANSITION SPECIALIST, serves as a liaison between the alternative setting and other Caldwell County Schools.  She is available to:

    • Coordinate student transfers from other counties
    • Conduct observations for the classroom and assist schools in determining the correct plan of action for students when all other interventions have been exhausted and proven unsuccessful
    • Follow up with students after placement in an alternative setting to make sure the alternative teachers know the child & family and have the information they need from the home school
    • Follow up with the students once they return to their home schools and provide needed information to the home school teachers
    • Assist in students' transition to an alternative setting after a hearing

    A change in schools can be difficult for any student.  It is the Transition Specialist's goal to make the transitions to and from an alternative school setting a success!

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