• Granite Falls Middle School Track & Field FAQ


    What is Track and Field?

    • Running, jumping, and throwing events that take place on a 400 meter track (roughly a quarter mile track).  Boys and girls compete on different teams, but practice together.  


    What are the events?

    • Track (Running)
      • 100m, 200m, 400m
      • 800m (half mile), 1600m (mile)
      • 4x100m, 4x200m, 4x400m
      • Sprints
      • Distance
      • Relays
    • Field
      • Long jump
      • High jump
      • Shot put
      • Discus
      • Jumping
      • Throwing


    Is track an individual or team sport?

    • A little bit of both.  For every event except for relays, athletes compete as individual to score points for their team.  Four athletes run on “relay team” to score points.  Below is how scoring works:
      • 1st place = 10 points
      • 2nd place = 8 points
      • 3rd place = 6 points
      • 4th place = 4 points
      • 5th place = 2 points
      • 6th place = 1 points
    • Athletes can compete in up to three events, and the school can have up to three individuals in an event with the exception of relays.


    How does practice work on a normal day?

    • Practice is everyday, 3:20-5:00. There will be no required practice when school is not in session. Athletes can use the locker rooms to change clothes.  We will meet in the parking lot behind the gym.  After attendance is taken, athletes will jog to Granite Falls Elementary School as a group for practice.  Sometimes the field event participants will stay at GFMS for practice.  When we are finished, the team will jog back to GFMS.  Students need to be picked up behind the gym at 5:00.   


    What happens when it rains or if it’s cold?

    • We practice.  Track and Field is an outdoor event and we practice in good and bad weather.  If the rain is very heavy, practice may be made “optional”.  Throwers may opt to stay and utilize the weight room located under the gym. We will not practice if there is lightning in the area.  Students need to check the weather the night before practice to know what kind of clothes to pack for practice.  



    • Track and Field is a team sport and the only way our team is going to excel is through practice.  Athletes can have two unexcused absences before they are removed from the team.  Unexcused absences from a meet will result in removal from the team.



    • Tryouts will be March 18-21.  Each student will will run a 100m, 400m, and 1600m.  Students who are interested in the field events, can also try those events.