Important Notes

  •  Please check back on this page for upcoming events! 

    We are working on being able to play our instruments in class! Students will be given the materials and PPE they need.

    If you are planning on using a school instrument, the Instrument Loan Agreement must be filled out and the $20 payment must be made before students can take their instrument home. Forms will be given to students to take home with them. 


     Students are now receiving weekly participation grades as well as playing quizzes. Participation in class includes coming to class with your music, instrument, and a pencil; playing when asked to play, and limited talking to others when certain sections are working on something. Playing quizzes are assigned every Thursday to be completed the next Thursday. Students are graded in their sections based on ability and musical performance. Both the participation and playing quiz grades are uploaded weekly in to PowerSchool. Please email Ms. Crumpton at if there are any questions about particular grades.