• Helpful Information for Unaccompanied Youth


     "Unaccompanied Youth" means young people under age 18, who are living apart from their parents or legal guardians in unstable or inadequate living situations.


    Important Questions and Answers

    Question:   WHY DO YOUTH LEAVE HOME?

    Youth leave home for many reasons. Some leave home without a parent's permission; others are forced out of their homes by their parents or guardians. Studies of unaccompanied youth have found that 20% to 50% were sexually abused in their homes, while 40% to 60% were physically abused. Severe dysfunction in the home is also common. Over two-thirds of unaccompanied youth serveyed in a recent study reported that at least one parent abused drugs or alcohol. Many young people are not welcome in their homes due to their sexual orientation or identity, pregnancy, or other types of family conflict. Youth often leave home to remove themselves from an immediately dangerous situation, but without plans for what to do next. 


    Unaccompanied youth live in a wide variety of situations, including:

    • Shelters
    • The Streets
    • Abaondoned Buildings
    • Doubled-up with friends or relatives
    • Cars
    • Campgrounds

    Question: Who should I talk to if I believe I am McKinney Vento or at Unaccompanied Youth?

    Your School Social Worker...Beth Hinshaw

    Your School Counselor and/or your School Nurse