• Grading Information

    Any student scoring below a 70 on an assignment will be given the chance to correct and return the work for a better grade.  I will take the orginal grade and the new grade to get an average.  This average will be recorded in the gradebook.  Look for the black stamp on your child's paper.  This will help you as a parent know what the student needs to be doing on the assignment.  The following will be checked on your child's paper for you:

      ___Awesome Job!

      ___Try Harder

      ___Correct & Return


      ___Parent Signature

    -Corrections, Missing Work, or Incomplete Work will need to be turned in within a week of date given.  I will not be taking missing work or corrections 3 & 4 weeks after it is due.  

     Missing work will be given once during each 9 weeks.  If a student loses the copy, IT WILL BE UP TO THE STUDENT OR THEIR PARENT TO ASK FOR ANOTHER COPY OF THE ASSIGNMENT!!


    If at anytime you have questions about grades please let me know. 


    Grades can be found by signing into Powerschool.  The office can help you get signed in to powerschool. We add grades weekly and parents can keep up with assignments that are missing or that need to be corrected.


    I use the following percentages when entering grades.  

    Homework:  10%

    Classwork:  30%

    Tests: 20%

    Projects: 15%

    Nightly Reading: 15%

    AM/ AR: 10%

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Grading Scale
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