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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S Elementary Education

Naomi Seagle

Experience  I am blessed to be entering my fifth year of service to the amazing students at Gamewell Middle School. I have a background in elementary education, focusing specifically foundational reading skills. Currently, I am teaching 6th grade English Language Arts (reading and writing skills).  Reading is a personal passion of mine and I am so excited to venture through the artistic beauty of literature with my students this year! 

Favorite Educational Quote and Why: "A person is a person, no matter how small."  This registers to me, as a teacher, because children need to be recognized as individual people, who have legitimate thoughts, feelings and concerns. We often over look the importance of their thoughts and opinions. This quote keeps me grounded. 

Why I Became An Educator: My story on why I became an educator is a very personal and unique situation. I struggled through school the entire time I was in public education. I specifically struggled with reading. I grew up in a family situation that didn't always foster a stable living environment. To put it simply, my parents did the best possible that they knew how to do...though it wasn't always right or how I have chosen to raise my own child. My struggles were significant through school and I remember distinctly how it feels to be the student that KNOWS they are behind in comparison to their peers. I vividly remember teachers making comments about how low my reading skills were. I never enjoyed school. Once I graduated, I went to work as a CNA. While working, I quickly realized how incredibly hard it was going to be to raise children on the wages of a CNA. I decided to return to school, college, to become a nurse. As I started back to school, things were so different than I had ever remembered them being. All of a sudden, school was easy and I was finding success I never thought possible. I decided to become a teacher because I felt I would be good for students that struggle...not for the ones that are already gifted (though they are equally as important). I could provide a safe space for ALL to find success in their own unique talents. I have dedicated my career to being the place where students feel and know they are more than a test score and who they are as people matter most. Being a teacher is one of my biggest blessings, short only to being a mother. 

Favorite Place in Caldwell CountyWilson's Creek

Activities: I love to read (all sorts of books). And I love spending time with my son and family. My life has been very blessed with so many people to love and make memories to last a lifetime!